Looks you can create with Soft Flush Liquid Blush

Looks you can create with Soft Flush Liquid Blush

Inside the world of makeup pouches and vanities, one product that is quite the underrated hero is the blush. It can single handedly accentuate the whole face without drawing too much attention towards it. We love our blushes, there is no denying that.

Our Soft Flush Liquid Blush is our go-to when it comes to tying the look together. Whether it is a last minute meeting or a Sunday brunch with the gals, you’ll never find us without the Soft Flush Liquid Blush. It has accompanied us to parties, dances and dates alike. Let us show you four amazing looks that you can achieve with our favourite blush so that it quickly becomes your best mate. 

Before we divulge further, make sure you prep your face to get the most out of the blush. A well prepped, hydrated base is bound to give you the best results. We like to start with a moisturiser, then primer, foundation and finally concealer. But you do you, bestie! 

Glowy Flush 

The glowy flush or a ‘natural makeup’ look has become the talk of the town. It gives you the glowy finish with a hint of colour -  a very kawaii effect, if you ask us. We love it nevertheless. This look transitions from a day look to a night one effortlessly. 

Just blend one or two dots of our creamy blush with your fingers on your cheeks and you are good to go! It's the natural, flushed look of your dreams. 


Old Bolly Glam 

We share a love-hate relationship with Bollywood but we absolutely love the glamorous makeup looks they serve. We are talking about bold eyeliners, smokey eyes, highlighted cheekbones and the works. Everyone deserves a night out where they go all out - the whole nine yards. And you, dearie, definitely deserve one. Here is how you achieve the old bolly glam look - 

 Once you’ve prepped your base, let's start with the eyes. Take two dots of your favourite shade of Soft Serve Liquid Blush and apply it over your eyelids with either a brush or your fingers. The darker, the better. Complete your eye makeup with winged eyeliner and mascara. Let’s focus on the cheeks now. Use a lighter shade of blush (as compared to eye shadow) on the cheekbones. You can start with two dots then build it from there. May we suggest a nice shimmer or highlighter along your cheekbones and nose? You just need the Soft Serve Liquid Lipstick to complete your look. Whatte stunner, babe!


Full Monotone 

The sun is up and scorching and honestly, we could take a  break from it. But life goes on… so do meetings, parties, get-togethers and other errands. Here is what we do on such days - use the Soft Serve Liquid Blush as a one-man army makeup. We like to call it the ‘full monotone’ look. We dab 1 dot each on our eyelid, one on our cheeks and just smidge on our lips. And voila! Our ‘we-can-now-face-the-world’ look is ready. It is effortless and breezy (unlike the weather). 

When in a hurry or on the days you don’t feel like wearing a full face of makeup, the full monotone look is going to become your saviour.  


Sun Kissed 

The sun kissed look or the sunburn flush was quite the rage in 2022 and we are sure it will be a hit this summer too. All you need to do is to apply a dot of blush each on the cheeks, nose, temple and chin. Blend it with your fingers and you are ready to sip margaritas by the beach. Or at least look like that. 

These are favourite looks that can be achieved using the Soft Flush Liquid Blush. If you have crazy ways and ideas on how to explore this multitasking blush, let us know! Also don’t forget to send us pictures every time you use this creamy blush to nail your makeup. 

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