5 April Favourites From the Unintrptd HQ

5 April Favourites From the Unintrptd HQ

Hi, lovely peeps! Welcome to the first instalment of our ‘Favourite’ series where we discuss everything that we’ve loved in this past month. As we say goodbye to April 2023, we’ve prepared a list of 5 things that made April bearable, despite the bothersome heat. From books to beauty products, here are some of the things that have caught our attention and captured our hearts.

1. The Book of Everlasting Things by Aanchal Malhotra

Image source: Vogue India

First up on our list is the heart wrenching romance by Aanchal Malhotra. Set during the years of British rule and then the partition, The Book of Everlasting Things is about star crossed lovers, attars and partition. It makes you experience a whirlwind of emotions at the same time and makes you question your own not so happening life. Malhotra surely knows how to keep her readers hooked!


2. Korean Cream Cheese Buns at Dohiti

Image source: Dohiti

One bite, just one bite of these Korean Cream Cheese Buns and you will fall in love with life. They are only available at this warm bakery in Pune called Dohiti. We had the chance to taste the buns when they were right out of the oven. Lord, the cream cheese infused with garlic and chives with those pillowy soft buns… you get the picture! So, are you making your way to Pune or not?


3.Waffle House by Jonas Brothers

Image source: The Rolling Stone

Any song by the Jonas Brothers is a trip down memory lane and their latest single Waffle House is just that. The song is named after a restaurant they would eat at after recordings. It is about memories, love and dreams. The funky pop music along with the lyrics is making us hum this song all day long


4. Tease by Unintrptd 

Oh, trust us when we say this - the texture of this liquid lipstick is unbeatable. It did not budge or smudge at all! Maybe the buttery smooth texture and the squalane helps, but whatte liquid lipstick! And we aren’t the only ones, our online community has fallen in love with this particular shade too! We’ve heard only positive reviews about Tease, our absolute favourite this summer.


5. Lucifer

Okay okay, yes we know we are late to the party but we’ve finally started to binge on Lucifer. And we have to say, whatte  marvellous show! The entire concept of Lucifer taking a vacation from hell and loving his ‘human’ life is interesting.  Tom Ellis looking like a snack all the time is just a wonderful brownie point. If you are like us and haven’t watched it yet, switch it on now! Or re-watch it for the 489th time.


And there you have it - our five favourites that have brightened our lives in April 2023. Until next time!

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